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Women's Surfwear
If it's found at the Mall, we don't want it!  Surfing is not a mainstream activity, and surfers are not clones.  For this reason, we are constantly updating our selection of clothing brands - always experimenting and looking for the "best undiscovered talent."  The company we keep must be unique and selective.  Once a brand we carry sells out, we no longer support that brand.  Here's a little of what you'll find right now:
Birdwell Beach Britches     Katin     Lines    
...lost     McKevlin's    Rip Curl 

We select our Women's clothing and swimwear very differently from most stores.  Our main priority is QUALITY - if it doesn't hold up, we don't sell it.  Secondly, we choose to buy from companies that do not sell to department stores or discounters.  In fact, quite a few of our suppliers don't sell to anyone in the Charleston area except McKevlin's.  Finally, we don't overbuy just because a particular item is a great seller.  Instead, we offer only a small quantity of any style or color.  This way customers can depend on us and be assured the same swimsuit or clothing they buy from McKevlin's won't be seen on hundreds of other bodies around town or on the beach.  Here's a list of some of our current suppliers:
Imsy     Jiva    Lines     McKevlin's     Mora Girls    
Pozea     Quintsoul     Rhythm     Rip Curl    
Sea Gypsies by ...lost     Seea    

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