Natural Art crew
1978 Isle of Palms gang
1979 The ''new'' shop
1980 Transition: Notice the old shop's signs (on right) still up!
1980 Tim McKevlin
What a great shirt!
1980 Mr. Mac & shaping legend, Dick Brewer
1981 Some retro boards
1981 ESA awards ceremony at the shop
1982 Gerald Craven & Chuck Bennett
1984 McKevlin's Surf Team
1984 Folly crew
Rick Dunn 2nd from left
1980's End of the Bowling Center
1985 The original shop - still hanging on
1985 Moonlight sale crowd
1985 Surfer magazine ad
1986 Isle of Palms shop
1987 New Mt. Pleasant shop
1987 McKevlin's Surf Team
1987 Charleston Christmas parade
1988 Hugo damage at the Washout
1989 Hurricane Hugo Folly shop damage
1989 Shop van rode the Hugo wave into the marsh.
1989 Ashley Seabrook - a rare Folly snow
1989 Rachelle and Tim McKevlin
1990 Ted, Cheryl, Beverly, and Dennis McKevlin
1990 McKevlin's Junior Team
1990 lightbox photo galleryby v6.1