Today at noon we drew 3 names from our Holiday Shoppers' Bonus raffle.  The Gift Card winners were Paul Bradley ($50), Tim Reader ($75), and Stacy Dove ($150).  Congratulations!

AND THE WINNER IS . . .     11/29/10
On Black Friday (11/26), McKevlin's gave away a 9'10" Bing Silver Spoon.  The luckiest winner was Alex Perkins.  Alex immediately waxed up and hit the "near flat" ocean!  Since there always has to be at least one consolation prize, we handed out 50 - McKevlin's and No Pop-Outs trucker hats.  Everyone also got a shot at the "Stylin' Wheel of Discounts" to determine their savings.  If you missed the event this time, see you next year!

THE FUTURE IS HERE     11/12/10
We're gonna give you a sneak peek at ...lost's next greatest thing - the 2011 model - The FlashBack Fish!  Back in August, when shaper Matt Biolos and team rider "Gorkin" Cormican visited the shop, we were all given a photo tour of this model.   At this moment there are only two of these (not photos - real boards) on Folly Beach.  Our teamrider Glenn Tanner has one; the other (pictured here) is a special order for one of our customers.
This FlashBack is a 5'11"; measurements are 13 1/8" nose, 20 1/2" wide, 16 3/4" tail, and 2 1/2" thick.  The bottom contour is a single concave under your front foot blending into a double in the tail.  There's significant thickness in the tail (a "butt" tail) as well as a double-bump on the rail for added looseness.  It features a quint Futures fin set-up, and it's finished off with a pretty severe "beaked" nose retro salute.
This 2011 model is available right now as a special order at 2010 prices.

THOMAS BROTHERS' PRESENTS . . .     10/05/2010
You've probably already heard the rumors about Folly finally making cinematic headlines.  It's true!  McKevlin's Team Rider, Bryant Thomas, along with brothers Ellison and Robert, are creating a surf movie all about Folly Beach and its locals.  The film is near completion, and you won't have to wait too much longer before you can find out if you are one of the many featured riders.  In addition to (possibly) yourself, it will also include the Tanner family, Patrick Evers, Kyle Busey, Anthony Osment, Will Roper (the newest addition to the McKevlin's Staff), and many, many others.  McKevlin's is very honored to support the Thomas's efforts as well as to act as the film's Producer.  We're also happy to bring you a sneak peek into their talents below:

SHAPER'S NIGHT     08/23/2010
...lost treated our customers to free pizza, free swag, and free bad attitude.  Seriously,  we were more than happy to entertain and be entertained by Matt "Mayhem" Biolos and Aaron "Gorkin" Cormican for four "filling" hours.  Matt, ...lost Surfboards shaper and winner of this year's Sacred Craft Shapers' Challenge, took custom orders, talked present and future designs and, served pizza to the crowd.  Anyone buying a new ...lost board was given a $50 discount as well as a pair of ...lost Bottle Rockit boardshorts and a ...lost t-shirt.  Oddly enough, we were Matt's only S.C. stop and one of just two destinations for this special tour.  Before making his way to Virginia Beach's E.C.S.C. competition, ...lost rider, "Gorkin," signed autographs and handed out free ...lost merchandise to everyone.  Hopefully, next time they visit, they'll bring enough waves to sneak in a short session.

Test over 30 different board models from 9 different companies all in the same place?  It happened at the Washout on August 14, Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM.  The demo crowd was able to check out a paulownia wood Alaia and a foam Bluegill Model from Jon Wegener!  We'll also had boards from all our companies including hand-shaped epoxy Ricky Carrolls and the new, hand-shaped, techno-crazy Coil Industries stringerless - lively yet nearly unbreakable. Also, the newest models from Lost, Allison, Bing, Sharp Eye, Channel Islands, McKevlin's, and Island Inspired were all there. Waves could have been better, but there were enough to share - especially for checking out the fish, longboards, and CI's Dumpster Diver.

2010 promises to be a very, very big year for all of our friends and cusomers.  This is, after all, our 45th Year.  Traditionally, anniversaries that end with a 0 or a 5 are considered especially significant milestones.  The traditional gift for a 45th year anniversary is sapphire.  Thanks in advance for your generosity.  Seriously, this is a great year to give back.  To all those buying or have recently purchased a new surfboard from us, you have one of our anniversary t-shirts coming your way.  Additionally, this year we have plans for shaping demos, truckload sales, tons of giveaways, movie premieres, surfboard demos, and more.  All of this is our way of saying Thanks for a great 45 years!

Channel Islands Demo     6/20/10    
Channel Islands will be here, at the Washout, on July 3 with a massive selection of over 50 Channel Islands/Al Merrick boards.  You can test ride any for FREE from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Ride On - An Evolution Of A Revolution
Tuesday, June 8, McKevlin's presents the local premiere of the big-wave video Ride On.  The show starts at 8 PM at the Surf Bar on Folly Beach.  Door prizes start at 7:45.

The Charleston City Paper
recently announced their "Best Of" results.  McKevlin's was again named "Best Surf Shop" by the publication's readers.  This is the 13th consecutive win for McKevlin's in this category.  That's every year since the competition began.  Thanks, Charleston!

PITY FOR POP-OUTS     04/23/10
We've had so many customers return to their senses and, after a brief loss of sanity, get back on their handshaped, American-made surfboards that it makes us feel terribly sad for their regrettable mistakes.  Inspired by "Cash For Clunkers" we've instituted the Pity For Pop-Outs or Money For Mistakes program.  Just bring in your useless Pop-Out board (or likewise useless mass-produced, imported surfboard-like toy), and we'll give you $100 toward the purchase of a new, real board.  We'll take your trade-in and recycle it by using it to create a table, shelving, jewelry, trash can, cooler or almost anything - but we guarantee it won't get back in the water.  Offer is good until July 1, 2010!

Joe Hiller Memorial Longboard Competition   10/25/09     McKevlin's Team Captain, Glenn Tanner, took home the lion's share of hardware from this contest.  Glenn took 2nd in Legends Longboard, 1st in Vintage Longboard, and, in the all encompassing Open Longboard, yet another 1st!!!  Congratulations, GT!

Thanks, Charleston
  8/1/09    For choosing us for over a decade!  Again the reader's of the Charleston City Paper have picked McKevlin's as the best local surf shop.  Thanks!

Nobody Shows You Love Like McKevlin's!
   7/21/09     Congratulations to the winner - Josh McFadden!  Winner of the 6'1" Channel Islands Single Fin we gave away in celebration of International Surfing Day '09.

2009 SSC-ESA Contest #4 plus DJ McKevlin Gromfest  July 18 & 19
     McKevlin's Team left this competition with a truckload of awards.  First, Kristin Tanner took 1st Place in Women's Longboard and in Women's Shortboard.  Evan Tanner won the 3A Boys division and also captured 2nd in Menehune Longboard, 3rd in the Grom Open, and 4th in Open Shortboard.  Finally, Bryant Thomas captured the #1 position in the Grom Open. He also took 6th in Open Shortboard and a 1st in Junior Men.  Congrats!

Christmas Winners!
  12/24/08     We just drew the winners of our Holiday Shoppers' Bodus:  Mike Cassidy won a $50 Gift Card, Matt Midgett gets the $75, and Bay Rutherford is our grand prize winner with a $150 Gift Card.  Congratulations to the trio and Merry Christmas to everyone!

And The Winners Are . . .
2/1/08     All the points have been tallied and the champions have been announced.  On Dec. 7, the local SSC district of the ESA held its Annual Meeting/Awards Banquet.  Here's how Team McKevlin's fared:  Evan Tanner was crowned champion of 3A Boys, Bryant Thomas also captured the number one ranking in 3A Jr. Men, and Kristin Tanner was named Queen of Women's Shortboard as well as Women's Longboard.  Kristin also shared the title of "Women's Surfer of the Year."  Holly Nettles also did well this year taking overall third in Women's Shortboard and Glenn Tanner (despite missing a couple of events) took sixth in Grand Masters Shortboard and Legends Longboard.  It's been a very, very good year.

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