Every single Hoke Surfboard is hand-made by Josh Hoke right here in Charleston, SC. Josh started shaping and glassing at the tender age of 15, making boards for himself and his friends. While attending college in the northeast, he even provided hollow wooden boards for a small shop in New Jersey. When he moved to Charleston in 2011, that's when things began to take off, and everyone started requesting his shapes. He likes to make boards that perform well in the small waves we usually have like longboards, fish, mini-simmons, and grovelers. But, Josh can shape pretty much everything in between as well. In addition to shaping, he does all his own glasswork and color which helps make every board unique. He prefers to glass a little bit heavier (6 oz. vs. 4 oz plus deck patches) in order to try and extend the boards' life but will glass lighter on request. And, his artwork is typically vintage/traditional with lots of pigmented/tinted laminations and beautiful fabric inlays. Josh say his mission is to "create high quality, beautiful, and most importantly, FUN rides that bring smiles ear to ear!" We believe he succeeds, and we're sure you'll agree. 
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