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Several years ago some marketing genius decided that instead of offering REAL BODYBOARDS, they could get away with applying a thin skin of bodyboard material over a core of styrofoam!  This is the type of bodyboard most often found at drugstores, wholesale clubs, big box stores, grocery stores, and even sporting goods outlets.  This is also the type of bodyboard most often found broken into pieces littering beaches everywhere.

The only kind of bodyboards McKevlin's offers are those made with the same material inside as outside.  All our Custom X models have a polyethylene core and a polyethylene skin.  They are not only more durable but also are better performing and are reasonably priced.  Plus, bodyboards (as well as surfboards) are available for RENT, so you can check a few out before you decide to buy!
McKevlin's is proud to carry Wave Zone skimboards.  These are all foam core and fiberglass shapes built in the U.S. - specifically  Palmetto, Florida.  Wave Zone has been making boards with pride there since 1990.  They offer skimboards for all weight ranges and for all levels of riding - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 
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