McKevlin's first became a dealer for Bing Surfboards back in the late 60's.  Back then, Bing Copeland, an absolute icon of modern surfing, was the head honcho.  He visited Folly Beach personally and convinced Ted and Dennis McKevlin to give his boards a try.  In '74 G&S took over producing the boards, then Mike Eaton took over the reigns throughout the 80's and 90's.  In 2000 Matt Calvani became the head shaper for Bing.  Matt has been shaping since 1988 and previously worked for the likes of Shoreline Glassing, Tom Stanton, Hap Jacobs, Dennis Jarvis of Spyder, Becker, Lance Carson, and Rick Surfboards.  Matt has managed to balance his respect for Bing's authentic historical importance alongside his own modern techniques, new materials, and new styles of surfing and surfboard building.  Quite a few of Bing's original models are here practically unchanged as well as many progressive, new shapes.  Check these out:
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The Levitator is a great all-around noserider.  It features a subtle step deck and a slightly wider outline than most longboards.  It's chock full of volume for float with plenty of stability and plenty of lift in the nose.
The Dharma 2.0. The Dharma has been a great-selling board for Folly surf for the last several years. Bing has now improved on the shape with the Dharma 2.0. The main difference is this one can handle a bit steeper, juicier wave than the standard Dharma. You still get the beveled rails and the concave deck which allow you to sit further in the water and turn harder than a standard fishy shape. This board just has a bit of the volume shaved off the nose and tail. Definitely an upgrade!
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Here's a little video to help wet your appetite for Bing shapes. 
It's called Overcast Time Traveling.  Enjoy.
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Bing Surfboards
The Sunfish is a brand new but familiar-looking model for 2016. Basically, it's a super-refined fish - simple as that. Matt Calvani has taken the fish and brought it into the 21st century. Chris del Moro and Dave Rastovich have both been raving about this model.