From his shaping bay in Wilmington, North Carolina, Will Allison has been turning out some of the most beautiful and expertly fine-tuned equipment we've ever seen.  With over 30 years of shaping experience and thousands of boards in his resume, Will is one of the most respected shapers on the east coast.  Each Allison Surfboard is a blend of aesthetics and function resulting in a "working piece of art."  Plus, Will is also insistent on providing durable boards and demands this of his foam supplier and his glasser.  Ask McKevlin's Team Rider Glenn Tanner how they work for him.
The Allison Performance Longboard has a diamond tail with a subtle double winger, a tunnel concave though the tail, and a step deck.  It is slightly thinner and lighter than his other longboard designs.  This one will still noseride but fits the rider who likes the more radical, turning on a rail kind of surfing.
The GT Fish is a collaboration between Will and arguably South Carolina's best known surfer, Glenn Tanner.  The current model has a quad fin set-up, features very edgey rails near and in the tail, and boasts a paddle-friendly thickness in the middle of close to 3".
This Retro Fish model is a collaboration between Will and the staff at McKevlin's.  All of us wanted a throw-back model reminiscent of the Steve Lis designs of the early 70's.  We knew Will was well-aquainted with the design and had the experience and talent to put together the "perfect fish."  This model has managed to attract both the seasoned, fish-snob who reminisces about his favorite "old board" as well as the "under legal age" shredder looking for extra speed in gutless surf.  It's a solid, twin finner generally equipped with balsa glass-ons.  No wings, polished gloss, and any color(s) you can imagine.  Check out the Spacey Airbrush in the Allison Photo Gallery!
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Will's Funboards are just what the name implies - a lot of fun!  These boards generally range from 6'8" to 7'10".  They have a wide, full nose with gradual curve thoughout into a 14 1/2" wide tail for maximum flotation and drive through turns.  These boards offer great flotation and maneuverability in small waves and are excellent for beginners too.
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Allison Surfboards