Shop Founder
Dennis J. McKevlin
at 18 years D.J. McKevlin
1946 Ted McKevlin
1950 Tim McKevlin
1958 Before surfing,
Folly bowled.
c. 1963 Folly bowlers
Ted McKevlin
far left Ted McKevlin at our first shop
1965 Isle of Palms crew
1965 West Coast East Surf Club
c. 1965 McKevlin's
Surf Team
1966 Ted McKevlin
1966 Carl, Annie & Rusty Miller
1967 The ''newer''shop
Commissioner Hutto,
Rusty Miller &
Dennis McKevlin 1967 Folly Contest
Winning Women: Gailo Knight (far right),
Lucy Price (with sunglasses),
Nancy Polk (below lifeguard stand) Mr. Mac 
& friends
1967 Shop and its Neighbors
1967 West Coast East Surf Club
1967 Contest scene on the Folly Boardwalk
1968 Contest Judges
Ted at top with sunglasses
1968 Ted McKevlin
Folly Pier
1968 Contest by the Folly Pier
1969 ''Cadillac Mac''
and a Plastic Fantastic
1970 Andy Benke
manning the counter at IOP
1971 Center Street View
1970ish Phil Cromer & friends
1974 lightbox photo galleryby v6.1